Offering custom wiring solutions has been a staple of this business from the very start. One of our first commissions was an adaptor to allow a fellow with a California-model FZR600 (13-pin connector) to use a 49-state TCI (8-pin + 6-pin connectors). We're in the process of developing a race-only harness for the 400 and 600 to replace the aging - and heavy! - wiring bundles, with all their street-based lights and other foolishness. If you have an unusual wiring requirement - drop us a line!

Voltage Regulator Adaptors - Upgrade your old voltage regulator with these plug-in adaptors. Because 12v

         systems don't like 18v!

YZF600 TCI Adaptor -               When swapping your engine for a YZF600 mill, you DO have to replace the TCI

(photo coming)                          box. Now, you don't need to replace the entire wiring harness!

Running Light Fuse Carrier - Your main 30A fuse has better things to protect than the running lights! This

           little harness plugs into the existing wiring at the ignition switch, and adds a 3A
           fuse to prevent a blown 5W from leaving you in the dark!