Quick Shift Controller:

Briefly interrupting the ignition (and fuel, on EFI bikes) unloads the transmission, allowing a smooth, clutchless full-throttle upshift. Adjustable from 20ms to 100ms in steps of 2ms, this tiny device isn't much bigger than its adjusting knob. Saving a small fraction of a second at each and every upshift quickly adds up to real lap time savings,

Normally ships with clipped wire ends; bike-specific connectors are available for a small adder. The QS controller splices into 12v, ground, and the side-stand safety wire.

The Quick Shift controller sells for $75.


Rev Limiter:

Many engine modifications involve increasing the engine's operating speed, running it closer to the mechanical red-line. An electronic rev limiter that interrupts the ignition before the conrods decide to explore the great outdoors is cheap insurance against a rebuild. The rev limit is set using an internal adjusting screw; the set point is read in mV using a voltmeter. A limit setting of 11,000 RPM would be read on the meter as 11.000v. The limiter is accurate to within 3%. - $75


Launch Controller:

No more over-revving the bike on the line, then trying to match the throttle and the clutch. Push the button, pin the throttle, and the engine won't rev past the set point, allowing the rider to focus on feathering the throttle. This is a version of the Rev limiter operated by a thumb switch, and is generally set to the maximum torque RPM of the engine. - $75

Push button - $25


[Button PIC]

Shift Light Driver:

A third application of the Rev Limiter, this configuration operates a bright LED light to signal the rider to upshift. Generally set to the maximum power speed of the engine, in combination with the Quick Shift controller it greatly assists the rider in reducing time wasted in over-rev. - $75

Shift Light - $25