EXUP Eliminator - now available!

The biggest annoyance to FZR1000 owners who wish to replace their OEM exhausts is the fail-safe function built into the stock TCI box - if it can't communicate with the EXUP servo, it won't let the engine rev over 4000rpm! The YZF750 and YZF1000 bikes aren't QUITE as bad, but that dancing tach is still annoying.

We are now offering a simple plug-in unit that convinces the TCI that a servo is attached and allowing full-range operation. We can supply the round, barrel-shaped connectors for the early EXUP FZR1000, and the rounded-rectangle plugs for the later FZR1000 and non-TPS YZF750. The TPS-equipped YZF750 and YZF1000 have a very different wiring arrangement at the TCI, so we have now designed a unit that plugs into the harness in place of the EXUP connector - this is the 4-pin connector plus the bullet plug.

(photos soon - honest!)

Voltage Overload Interrupter - in testing!

The permanent magnet alternator used on the smaller FZRs is a simple, rugged design. The "shunt"-style voltage regulator however is subject to failure, often taking other expensive components with it and leading to costly repairs. While we do offer our VRR Adapter Harness to make upgrading to a newer and safer design a quick and easy job, no VRR is perfect and even new out-of-the-box regulators can fail. The solution is this small unit that plugs into the main wiring harness right at the TCI (Ignition) box. When it detects a voltage overload over 14.7 vdc, it interrupts the safety circuit and stops the spark. This will act as a rev limiter, preventing the alternator from spinning fast enough to put out more voltage than the failing VRR can handle.

At this time we can only offer the plug-in unit for bikes with the 4+6 or 8+6 connectors at the TCI; we're still working on a source for the 13-pin connectors found on California FZR600s, and hope to have this sorted out by the time these items go to production. We do offer a splice-in variant for those models.